Eden Valley Farm

Eden Valley Farm
Humboldt County, Nevada

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This Property offers a total of 2877 acres, 4.5 sections with 18 quarter section circle irrigation pivots and 17 wells. The water rights allow for a total diversion of 39.84 cfs or 9,070.4 acre feet per year. The priority dates are primarily from August 1976. This parcel has 2,294.4 acres of water rights from 18 different certificates. Each of the eighteen circle pivots irrigates one 160 acre quarter section. Water is near 110 feet, pumping from approximately 280 feet. The land is located at 5200 feet in elevation, north of the historic Humboldt River Valley.

This farm is surrounded by BLM land, accessed by county road with power to the property. Located in T39N, R41E, Mount Diablo Meridian off Eden Valley Road about 21 miles northeast of Golconda and 37 miles northeast of Winnemucca, Nevada.

The ground is rated as follows;
• 980 Acres Cultivated-1st Class 4+ Tons Alfalfa Hay
• 450 Acres Cultivated-2nd Class 3 to 4 Tons Alfalfa Hay
• 800 Acres Cultivated-3rd Class 1 ½ to 2 Tons Alfalfa Hay
• 647.60 Acres Grazing 1/12 to 1 AUM/acre
2007 production yield was roughly 7500 tons, including test hay, dry cow, oats, and grass.

Accurate climate data for the specific area of the subject property is limited, but Winnemucca records provide a good indication of weather history. Average annual precipitation is about 8 ¼ inches, including about 24 inches of snowfall. Summers are normally dry. Temperatures vary each year, but the average temperature is approximately 50 degrees F with the average summer temperatures being 93 degrees for the high and 51 degrees for the low.

Crop Markets
Seed crops are typically shipped to Boise ID, Orovada, or Lovelock for cleaning, and then marketed to various seed companies. Quality alfalfa hay is generally exported to California. Lesser quality alfalfa hay is often marketed locally to beef producers. Freight rail service is available in Winnemucca.

Nevada Water Rights
Once granted, water rights in Nevada have the standing of both personal and real property, meaning they are conveyed as an appurtenance to real property unless they are specifically excluded in the deed of conveyance. It is possible to change the water’s point of diversion, manner of use and place of use by filing the appropriate application with the state engineer.

Appropriative Water Right [Nevada]
Nevada’s water law is based on statutes enacted in 1903 and 1905 and are founded on the principal of Prior Appropriation. Unlike some other states, Nevada has a statewide system for the administration of both ground water and surface water. Appropriative water rights are based on the concept of applying water to Beneficial Use and “First in Time, First in Right.” Appropriative water rights can be lost through nonuse and they may be sold or transferred apart from the land. Due in large part to the relative scarcity of water in Nevada and numerous competing uses, Nevada has had a thriving market for water transfers for a number of years.

Eden Valley Water Rights- Limited Resource
The subject property has water rights appropriated from the State of Nevada, Division of Water Resources. It should be noted that Eden Valley is located in Basin 67, Eden Valley. The State Engineer has denied all new permits for irrigation appropriation. The basin has been designated a critical groundwater area. This means no new water rights are being allowed. Water rights within the basin can still be transferred, but additional pumping is not being allowed.
Price $8,000,000

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