Nevada Cloud Seeding Program Cut

The State of Nevada just got a little drier, which is tough news for many since it is already the most arid state in the nation.

The $550,000 cloud seeding program that produces as much as 65,000 acre feet of additional precipitation annually has been cut from the state budget. That is about enough water to supply 130,000 households per year.

The real pain will be felt by the rangelands, farmers, and wildlife who will suffer from less water. The cattlemen’s association, Nevada Farm Bureau, and Elko County Commission have urged law makers to save the program.

On average Nevada receives about 9.5 inches in annual precipitation. The decision is also at odds with the current weather pattern, as Nevada is suffering from drought conditions already.

Hay farmers will benefit as a result of less grassy rangelands, farmers will be forced to buy more hay. The hay farmers deserve a break this year anyway.

Irrigated farm land with water rights will benefit. Many basins are closed to additional allocations for ground water permits. For the supply side of this irrigated land, our food chain supply land will see huge increases in value as time goes on.

Demand for water in Nevada goes well beyond agriculture in much of Nevada. Future population shift projections threaten to eventually strain the supply to the breaking point.

I currently have numerous parcels of irrigated land for sale with ground water rights. While agents across the nation tell their clients to lower the prices on all types of properties from residential properties to commercial centers, I am advising that it may time to raise the price of irrigated farm land with water rights in Nevada.


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