Land and Water Rights in Nevada

Interested in the future of Real Estate development and agribusiness in Nevada? 

Look closely at the water supply

Southern Nevada Water Authority is planning a 327 mile pipeline to bring more water to the Las Vegas Valley at a cost of 3.5 billion dollars. This fact alone should tell you something about the available supply.

Whether it is climate change, normal drought,  or increased demand, the future for water’s value has only one way to go. One thing is certain, we can not live with out it.

Some say water will be more valuable than oil to future generations. At the most basic level it already is.

Nevada Water Resources is a good information source.

The term “prior appropriation” when it comes to water rights in Nevada could become very meaningful to those who may be asked to turn off the pumps.  The State Engineers Office states it this way;

Nevada’s first water statute was enacted in 1866 and has been amended many times since then. Today, the law serves the people of Nevada by managing the state’s valuable water resources in a fair and equitable manner. Nevada water law has the flexibility to accommodate new and growing uses of water in Nevada while protecting those who have used the water in the past.

Nevada water law is based on two fundamental concepts: prior appropriation and beneficial use. Prior appropriation (also known as “first in time, first in right”) allows for the orderly use of the state’s water resources by granting priority to senior water rights. This concept ensures the senior uses are protected, even as new uses for water are allocated.

Irrigated Farm Land and Ranching operations in Nevada generally own their water rights.  Farm and Ranch properties like  Diamond Springs RanchFlatnose RanchAdams PeakEden Valley, and others like the 265 acres in Lincoln County are all opportunities to own water rights.

Areas of the state that are projected to experience explosive growth in the future in Lincoln County Nevada,   often referred to as transition land.

If you would like to learn more about Nevada land for sale with water rights, I am here to serve you.

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