Land, Food, Agriculture, and Water Rights

Fortune magazine,  June 22, 2009 issue has a good article on “Why Farm Land is Hot”. Why ETF’s are investing today for the long haul on the food and water shortages in our future. From 1960 to 2000 the world went from over one acre of arable land per person to just over a half acre of arable land per person.

Growing populations and the shrinking supply of arable land will be a key focus of humanity as millions starve in the not too distant future. Water in many locations is the key to food production.

Water rights in Nevada are our most valuable resource. Irrigated agricultural land is available and the prices are increasing. Many basins in Nevada are closed to any future additional water rights, the supply side is very limited and will not increase. While demand continues to grow, with or without future housing developments.

We have cattle ranches with live springs filling stock tanks to water the cattle, and the ranch owns those water rights. We have sections of land with irrigation pivots watering grains like wheat and barley, as well as potatoes, and alfalfa. These irrigation pivots are fed from wells on the land and the farmers own those water rights.

Many farmers are willing to pay handsome lease payments to farm this ground, offering good rates of return to investors. You can own a half full strip mall with falling rents and potential future higher vacancy rates, or farm land with water rights.

If you have the means and are still not sure of the future demand, check out what the executives from some the nations largest agricultural companies have to say about the future demand.

Investing in agricultural land requires in-depth knowledge of local regulations, state agencies, soil quality, regional climate data and much more. Professional representation is critical to your investment success.

I have many properties available and each one is unique in use and potential. Call me today to discuss your needs and which property might fit your needs. Nevada Ranch Properties your source for quality agricultural land sales and services.

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