Southern Nevada Water Authority Pipeline Links

For those of you interested in understanding some of the supply and demand issues around Water Rights in Nevada and the Colorado River Basin, as well as geo political wrangling, here are some links. If you would like own some Nevada Ground Water Rights, you need to call me, I have some very nice farm and ranch land listed with water rights.

California Recruits Water-Saving ‘Heroes’ as Drought Drags On

Experts offer grim water outlook for NV, CA

Climate change to strain Colorado River

Lake Mead, Key Water Source For Southwestern US, Could Be Dry By 2021

Historic Colorado River Streamflows Reconstructed Back To 1490

Welcome to “The New Normal”

The Water Information Program

Colorado River Interim Guidelines for
Lower Basin Shortages and Coordinated Operations
for Lakes Powell and Mead

Current Colo. River Basin dry spell could be worst in 500 years



Future Of Western U.S. Water Supply Threatened By Climate Change

Climate Change Means Shortfalls In Colorado River Water Deliveries

American West Heating Nearly Twice As Fast As Rest Of World, New Analysis Shows

Colo. River pact updated

PIPELINE PLANS: Judge kills water ruling

‘Owens Valley is the model of what to expect’

Great Basin Water Network


Nevada ruling could burst Las Vegas pumping plan

As you can tell there is plenty of science and opinion involved in these discussions. One thing seems clear to me, we are using or soon will be using more water than we have available. The opportunity to purchase irrigated farm and ranch land is today. The chances this land with water rights is going to get any less expense in the seems very slim.

Today’s Investors are buying water rights. Who is buying these Water Rights?

Water Rights  laws and use are complicated, yet many parcels with water rights are available today, some at very reasonable prices.

 Chris W. Miller is a Nevada Farm and Ranch with Water Rights Specialist
at ERA Brokers Consolidated Mesquite, Nevada

702-346-7200 or 435-862-5951
ERA Brokers Consolidated
Mesquite NV 89027

Mesquite Market

Lincoln County Land Market

Nevada Ranch Properties


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