Nevada Ranch Land with Water Rights

Ranch Land in Nevada

Nevada Ranches and Farms, in general own their water rights. These water rights are sold as an appurtenance to the land.

Land in Nevada without water can be desolate. Most every Nevada Ranch and Farm has water rights. For more information on Nevada water rights the Nevada State Engineers office is your best bet. The State Engineers office regulates and controls water rights in Nevada.

Water rights being sold with Nevada farms and ranches may be for irrigation, livestock watering, or domestic use. It may come from live springs, artesian wells or be pumped ground water. Regardless the use or source, they must have have water rights to utilize that water. Some Nevada ranches own water rights located on public lands and have BLM grazing leases.

A single household can use a domestic well without any special rights. Nevada ranch property and farms need certified water rights.

Water in Nevada is scarce, a valuable resource to be protected and managed. Fresh water around the world is becoming a coveted commodity.  Nevada’s Irrigated Farms and Ranch land with water rights provide food for the world, and jobs as well as a quality lifestyle for those who operate them.

Since the State of Nevada has more public land than any other in the lower 48, privately owned Nevada Farms and Ranches tend to be few and far between. Again land in Nevada without water tends to be rather barren.

The State of Nevada is divided into water basins, many basins are closed to any future allocations. They will not issue additional permits in these areas to use the water resources. While demand increases, supply is very limited.

If you would like to learn more about Nevada Ranch land and Nevada’s Irrigated Farm land market,

Chris W. Miller specializes in this area of the real estate business, this is a specialized Business.

Dedicated Land Professionals with the Answers You Need.

Nevada Land opportunities in Irrigated Farm and Ranch Land with Water Rights.

 Land in Nevada Blog 

Water Rights For Sale on Irrigated Nevada Farms and Ranch Land

 1200 Acre Ranch with Live springs and Water Rights 

 4.5 sections, 17 Wells, 18 Pivots Irrigated Farm

2000 Acres Irrigated, 10 Wells, Nice Nevada Farm Land

1000 Deeded, 33,479 Acre Grazing Lease Cattle Ranch With Water Rights

266 Acres, 821 Acre Feet of Ground Water Rights, BLM Grazing Leases

These are a sampling of the types of Nevada Ranch properties available. For more information on Nevada Farm and Ranch Land Call Chris

Chris W. Miller

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Mesquite NV  89027

702- 346-7200


Mesquite Market

Lincoln County Land Market

Nevada Ranch Properties


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