Foreclosure Freeze

How long can you live in a home once you stop making mortgage payments? Do you believe this free housing will increase or decrease if they stop all foreclosures?

What will a foreclosure freeze do to home values?

How much market manipulation can the consumer really take before they just stop buying and wait? Who do you think will get stuck paying the huge losses?

Do you think you can trust market values when the banks and the government are controlling interest rates, down payments, underwriting standards, inventory, and the media’s presentation of the news?

Chris W. Miller
Independence Realty

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Nevada Ranch Properties
Lincoln County Land Market
Mesquite NV Real Estate Market
Nevada Water Rights


One thought on “Foreclosure Freeze

  1. I think right now the banks are doing a good job of keeping the foreclosed homes off the market in an attempt to keep it from being too flooded.

    My fear is that if there is a new crunch they could be forced to release all of those homes at once and values will drop well below todays values.

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