Chris W. Miller, Farm and Ranch Brokerage with Water Rights

Chris W. Miller specializes in Land in Nevada with water rights. Nevada irrigated farm, alfalfa farms, ranch land, cattle ranches, agricultural land, with water rights. He is an agent with Vegas Grand Realty & Property Management and can be reached at 435-862-5951. He has over 35 years real estate experience and writes about current market conditions, Information every informed buyer and seller should know.

As drought and flooding ravages much of the countries agricultural states, Nevada’s Great Basin has remained relatively stable. Water allocation management in the many basins by the Nevada State Engineer is a top priority. This close monitoring has led to many basins being closed to any future or further allocation. As Water Shortages around the world become headline news, existing water right owners will benefit from the increased demands and limited supply. Priority dates of rights will likely come into play in many areas.

Western water rights laws go back to the time of John Wesley Powell, when he told the International Irrigation Congress in Los Angeles in 1893,
“You are piling up a heritage of conflict and litigation over the water rights, there is no sufficient water to supply the land.”
Many, many scientific studies today are clearly confirming his thoughts.
The Colorado River Compact signed on November 24, 1922 was based on a twenty study of the average river flow. We know today ninety years later, that was about one million acre MORE than it has averaged since, it was over allocated in 1922! Thirty million people now rely on the water from the Colorado, and one sixth of our nations irrigated land sits under the Central Valley in California. A recent NASA study indicates this aquifer has lost the equivalent of the water stored in Lake Mead at Full capacity. This is the largest man made reservoir in the United States. Many scientists believe the Ogallala or the Great Plains Aquifer, one of the largest in the world, covering some 174,000 square miles could be dry in the not to distant future. It is a shallow aquifer under extreme pumping pressure

Want to learn more about farming, ranching, irrigation and water supply. I am here to assist you in understanding the important questions you need to be asking if you are investing in land with water rights. Call me!

Which is the largest man made reservoir in the United States?

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