How reliable is your water resource?

How Limited are your Water Resources?

How dependable is your water supply?

What would you do if the water did not come out when you turn on your facet? Do you take for granted that fresh clean water will always be there when you need it? Have you considered how you will respond to continuing increases in the fees you pay for your water?

What will you do when there is no water available to you and your family?

Are you aware of the water shortages and depleted aquifers below?

On November 24, 1922 in Santa Fe, New Mexico the water in the Colorado River was promised or allocated to seven states and each was allotted a share of the river. The amount of water or river flow was divided up based on a twenty year river flow study that had just been completed. Today looking back we know that the twenty year study time period was the wettest twenty in the past hundred years. Tree ring studies now tell us the past hundred years was one of the wettest hundred year period in the past thousand years. The river was millions of gallons over allocated the day they signed the Compact.

The Ogallala is the largest aquifer in the United States. It was charged or filled with water from the melting glaciers around ten thousand years ago. The available water in this underground aquifer has been declining since the first electric pumps were put to work. It is not a question of will it be pumped dry, rather a matter of when it will no longer be capable of supplying water to the land above.

Satellite studies now allow science to better understand how much water is in the aquifers below ground. The recent study of the California Central Valley aquifer shows large water losses. The Central Valley produces a large amount and variety of foods. This food is consumed by all of America. Science believes the aquifer below the Central Valley lost enough water to fill Lake Mead during a short study period. Lake Mead is above Hoover Dam on the Colorado River and the largest man made lake in America. As the water table falls in California there is a well drilling free for all going on with large wealthy farmers drilling deeper and deeper wells.

Whole towns have already lost the municipal supply wells to thousands of people.

Droughts and mega droughts have brought cultures and civilizations to their demises throughout history.

Do you want a secure water future? Do you understand aquifer and surface water over allocation? Are you confident that you can go out and make informed decisions in your quest for a reliable secure water future?

Water rights, both ground water and surface flowing water rights to put the water to your own personal beneficial use are available today.

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Drought and Misguided Focus

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Drought, Food, and The Future

Drought, Food, and The Future
The drought has brought in sharp focus many issues, fundamentally it is about water, lack of water. Water however is no where near the top of the discussions we hear.
Perspectives shape views, concerns range from crop production, farm losses, food prices, balance between energy and food ratios, inflation. Food shortages have lead to at least a few regimes demise through out history. Remember, drought is about lack of water.
This brings us to a whole new view and issues, aquifers, drawdown and recharge, we are pumping water out far faster than it is replenishing itself. Some large aquifers are in fact expected by science to go dry. The Ogallala is ancient glacial water, the recharge source has been gone for thousands of years. The Ogallala is the largest aquifer in America.
Since the 1950’s, “predevelopment” when we your started pumping water out of Ogallala with electric pumps instead of windmills, the water table level has been dropping.
Unfortunately, this is a fact worldwide. So food production to feed the estimated nine billion world population twenty five years from now, must be the bigger question.
Questions from an individuals point of view could be, how can I and my offspring really be prepared. Personal responsibility and an individualistic spirit exemplified our ancestors. What can I do now to be prepared, for the generations to come.
Your water source is the key, do you depend on a municipal system? How secure do feel about that? Are you looking forward to a time when the ability to produce a percentage of your our required nutrition may be required? Remember the 2012 drought is leading to food shortages worldwide with six billion people today. World population is expected to increase by fifty percent in the next twenty five years.
With a relatively small parcel of land you can produce; grass feed beef, poultry, eggs, pork, fruits, vegetables, even milk, cheese, and fish, but you have to have a stable supply of water. It is a ton of work. It is how most Americans got through the depression, self sufficiency. We have superior tools and technology than they did. Greenhouses, electric well pumps, solar applications, aquaponics, kitchen counter sized milk pasteurizers. The list goes on and on. Self sustainable lifestyles are considerably easier today than it was in the 1930’s.
The oil industry, hydrology, geology, climate change studies, well monitoring, flow gauge measurements of seeps and springs, weather monitoring of precipitation and snow pack, all add to our data and knowledge about what is going on below the surface of the land. We have a great deal of science regarding which water sources are stable, or in balance and which are not or may not be.
Where you own land will determine whether you have water or not.