Farm Life? Self Sufficiency, Sustainability, Personal Security of Food Supply and Fresh Water?

Looking for a nice sustainable life style on some farm land or ranch operation? We have small land parcels ideal for Produce farming near Las Vegas, and Cattle Ranch Land operations, high quality Alfalfa farms across Nevada. All have water rights, many with irrigation pivots. Some are smaller gravity flow irrigation from surface water rights with priority dating back as far as 1873.

Lincoln Estates 1000 Acres, Many Potential Uses, includes 2540 Acre Feet of Ground Water Rights.
Rainbow Canyon Live Stream runs through property with surface water rights 1873 priority dates!
Flatnose Ranch 680 Acres Alfalfa
Mathews Farm 266 acres between Caliente and Panaca in Lincoln County
Adams Peak Alfalfa Farm 1600 Irrigated Alfalfa Acres
Diamond Springs Ranch 33, 000 acres BLM Range Leases, and 1000 Acres Deeeded, Nice Cattle Operation
Eden Valley Alfalfa Farm 4.5 Sqaure Miles of deeded Alfalfa Farm with 18 Pivots, Approx 2300 Irrigated Acres.
Small acreage land parcels also available in Lincoln County Nevada with three acres starting at $15,000.
Nice home site, room for animals, garden, orchard, beautiful views of Meadow Valleyand Panaca Summit Mountains to the East. Located in Lincoln County, NVbetween Caliente and 6.5 miles South of Shell Station in Panaca on West side of Hwy 93. Less than a tank of gas from Las Vegas. Needs well and septic, for more information call Chris W Miller 435-862-5951
Domestic wells in Nevadaare allowed to pump up to two acre feet of water per year, that is over 50,000 gallons per month for domestic use. Call Chris for a list of local well drillers to get more information.
Farm Life? Self Sufficiency, Sustainability, Personal Security of Food Supply and Fresh Water? Raise animals, gardens, orchards. Great Farmers Market in Caliente.
Peace, Quite, and Clean Fresh Air! Water our Most Precious Limited Resource!
Call Chris today at 435-862-5951
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World Food Shortages, Food Inflation, Shrinking Arable Farm Land, Water Shortages, and Water Rights

Leading the way to higher food production utilizing less water and energy is a lofty goal to feed the increasingly hungry world. As the population expands demand will increase. Energy and fresh water use are both exponentially becoming critical to humanities ability to not only survive but save our planet.


Food production requires both energy and water. Quality food production without growth hormones, pesticides, and many other types of toxins has become high priority for many consumers. Look at Whole Foods success and the organic food craze. Who in the world would not choose a healthier diet given the opportunity?

So how do we get from old traditional farming techniques to a more efficient, productive, resource conserving food producing world? Can the free market with innovation and capitalism driven by consumer demand really make the numbers work? New innovative irrigation technology has made huge strides in recent years in both production and water consumption. We all know the government spending our money, picking winners and losers is not the answer, it up to you and me.


From the beginning of cultivation and farming, they have lived and died by the fickle and unpredictable weather, praying for rain, cursing floods and drought. Weather affects crops to the extreme. Our world weather patterns are becoming increasingly unpredictable. You can not argue with the statistics, the ice caps are melting and the last ten years have had record warm temperatures. Drought currently grips much of the world. The weather has the potential to put world food supplies at extremely vulnerable levels in the near future.

Drought and flooding today is having a dramatic affect on food production in Europe, China, Africa, America, and Russia

As the wealth effect spreads throughout the emerging markets, protein is in increasingly higher demand. This is not a fad; China and India are demanding more beef, pork, dairy, and poultry. These countries consist of billions of consumers; all who would like to eat more like Americans, less rice! The middle class in these countries is exploding and they now have the discretionary income to demand higher quality foods. China has 20 percent of the world’s population and only 7 percent of the arable farm land. They have a serious problem with drought right now compounding their dilemma.

At the same time the aquifers of the world are dropping. Much of the world’s food production is not only subject to fickle weather patterns requiring the pumping ground water. This resource may be a far greater problem than peak oil. It is a combination of dwindling availability and contamination.

The average cow will drink 30 to 50 gallons of fresh water or a bath tub full per day, and eat up 90 pounds of feed. Hogs or pork production is not much different. Growing corn requires nearly 3000 gallons of water per bushel, Alfalfa requires about one acre foot per ton of hay, which is 325,851 gallons of fresh water per ton. These farm animals are the only source of the beef and pork the world demands. Cows are of course the primary source of dairy. All protein rich foods.

Speaking of the cattle, pork, and dairy industries, if you think you can keep antibiotics out of animals, dairy, and farming, you are dreaming. Prior to penicillin people regularly died from simple infections. You or some of the people you love would be dead today if you had been denied antibiotics.

So this brings us to the balance of the human food sources, fruits, vegetables, and grains. None of these grow without fresh water and good quality arable farm ground. Arable farm is a shrinking natural resource world wide. Aquifers world wide are dropping and irrigation pumping restrictions and reductions are becoming common in some of the most fertile and productive growing areas in the world.


The world will reward richly those who can produce quality food utilizing less water, less energy, and less land, or better yet turn today‘s unproductive lands into food producing regions.

Nevada has abundant affordable land, sunshine, and excellent solar intensity. Much of this land does not produce crops today. Can geothermal climate control coupled with solar, heat and cool green houses? Can hydroponics growing techniques reduce water consumption? Is it possible to eliminate the weather risk and seasonal limitations in farming by bringing farming indoors?

There are many ways you protect yourself and help solve the inevitable food and water shortages. Build your own greenhouse, get some egg laying chickens, get involved in your community gardening program or help develop one. Become educated about water consumption and use. Plant a garden. Move to a small farm .

If you are interested in the business opportunity utilizing affordable land to bring food production indoors in Nevada, call Chris W. Miller at 435-862-5951. We have the business plans, water rights, and the land.

Food Shortages, Fresh Water Shortages, Population Growth, Serious Bubbles

Irrigated Farm and Ranch Land with Water Rights in Nevada

Many more of the world’s population will be living with malnutrition and starvation in the not to distant future. As many as one billion people today are considered under fed. Ultimately many do not survive due to inadequate clean fresh water supplies and current poor crop production.

The Potash and BHP merger potential may be the headline of the day on Wall Street but the real story is about the World’s food supply, and the water required to grow it. The world’s population is projected to increase by an extra 2.2 billion people by 2050, according to UN projections. Food production needs to increase by 70% by some estimates.

Potash is all about fertilizer and increased crop production, and fertilizer has a hot future. Food demand may prove to drive the largest M & A deals of 2010.

However, fertilizer without water is not going be much help for the extreme demand on limited food supplies.

Water is the life blood of it all, and water rights are going to be the ultimate bottom line issue.

Floods, drought, warming climates can and are wiping out huge harvests this year. India, China, United States, Russia, Africa, and most recently Pakistan all have issues.

Water tables are falling in agricultural regions around the world. In the United States nearly every region of the country has some area of concern.

California’s Central Valley and the drainage basin that supplies that water have lost enough water fill the nations largest reservoir Lake Mead since 2003. The California Central Valley is one sixth of this nations irrigated land.

Over drafting and the falling water tables of the Ogallala aquifer are clear. If they continue to over pump the nations largest aquifer, its days of supplying ancient water are numbered.

An eleven year drought is ravaging the Southwestern United States, the Colorado River basins Lake Mead recently fell to a level not seen since the mid 1950s. Las Vegas could run completely out of its water supply and Hoover Dam could stop generating electricity. Demand on this water supply has increased dramatically since the 50’s.

So while merger and acquisition news dominate Wall Street, the real story behind the news is the demand for increased agricultural production and the increased demand is expected to grow rapidly over the next few decades, as the global population expands. Potash is seen as crucial to increased crop yields to help prevent these future food shortages.

According to Potash Corp, many more people are consuming more protein and meats like Beef Cattle and as incomes rise in developing nations, millions more people will switch from starch based diets to protein based diets. “Every pound of beef requires seven pounds of grain to produce, and hundreds of gallons of water, this will have a substantial impact on food demand.”

All the potash in the world is not going to do us much good without the fresh water required to sustain life and raise crops. Nevada water rights are considered an appurtenance to the land, they can be sold with the land. Irrigated farm and ranch land with water rights is available for sale today.

China has 20% of the world’s population but just 6% of its arable land. The ratio between the number of people and the amount of productive arable farm land continues fall. World wide the falling amount of productive land per person will soon begin to accelerate, do to climate change, soil erosion, water shortages, and population increases.

So with the supply of productive arable farm land with adequate fresh water shrinking everyday, while demand is exploding. The future is very clear.

If you think the real estate bubble and current economic down turn is traumatic, just wait. The impending food, water, and population bubble is going to leave us all longing for the good old days when all we had to worry about was asset values and money! Perspective on what is truly important and what is superficial.

Water will prove to be more valuable than all the money and fertilizer in the world.